Who is behind the Galerie Henri Baltia?

The Galerie Henri Baltia – a company created in France under the legal form of a simplified joint stock company with a sole shareholder – is entirely owned by Henri Baltia, a passionate about modern and contemporary prints. Henri Baltia remains at your disposal should you need information or help.
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What is a print?

Strictly speaking, the term « print » refers to the result of printing an engraving. The word engraving covers all techniques that make use of hollows or incisions on a master form or a template. The hollow or the incision is made by using a tool, a point for example, or a corrosive product like acid, on a template often made of […]
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How to buy a print at the Galerie Henri Baltia?

Nothing is easier. Just contact the Galerie Henri Baltia, by phone or email, to check if the work is still available. If this is the case, you can order it and pay for it by bank transfer to the account of the Galerie. The Galerie will then send you the work in suitable box or envelope. Of course, the Galerie […]
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