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Last update of this document: August 28, 2020


Important note: This document is an English translation of the original General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website written in French. Only the original French version is valid and is binding Galerie Henri Baltia. In case of contradiction or conflict between the French version and the English version, the French version prevails.



These General Terms and Conditions of Use herein lay down the terms of use of the Site of Galerie Henri Baltia for each User, a “User” being any physical person who accesses the Site, even without logging in and having access to a Personalized Space.
The consultation and the use of the Site are subject to the unconditional acceptance by the User of these General Terms and Conditions of Use.


Access to certain products, pictures or services presented on the Site may be subject to restrictions for certain persons or in certain countries. Any person deciding to use the Site is required to comply with the legislation and regulations applicable in his/her country of residence.

Important information

Information regarding the products or services offered on this Site is general and for information purposes only; it is not intended to be exhaustive and has no contractual value.
The User is invited to contact Galerie Henri Baltia via the contact form on the Site with any request for clarification, additional information or advice on the products and services presented on the Site.
Unless otherwise stated, the dimensions of the works presented on the Site are indicated in centimetres.

Legal mentions

Site publisher :
Galerie Henri Baltia, a simplified joint stock company with a sole shareholder, registered in France in the Trade and Companies’ Register of Paris under number 878070556, and having its registered offices at 62 boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris, France
Telephone number: +33 (0)7 81 82 60 88
Email address:
Publication Director’s name: Mr Henri Baltia, hereafter referred to as « Galerie Henri Baltia »
Website host :
7 place de la Gare
BP 70109
57200 Sarreguemines
Telephone number: 0970 808 911
Email address:
For any complaint, you are invited to contact Galerie Henri Baltia by phone or by email.
We undertake to acknowledge reception of your complaint within 10 days, and to respond as quickly as possible and by no longer than within two months (unless the complexity of the matter requires additional time, in which case you will be informed).

Purpose of the Site

The Site enables the User to:
  • Consult information about available works (such as prints, lithographs, etchings, drawings etc.), the Artists who created the works, the artistic movements in which the works are part, Galerie Henri Baltia itself
  • Select works presented on the Site to group them into a “wish list”
  • Contact us or ask to be contacted by us for any information about a work presented on the Site
  • Contact us or ask to be contacted by us for any functional problem with the Site

Terms and conditions of access to the Site

Galerie Henri Baltia cannot in any way guarantee constant operation free from any failure or information technology bug. Notably, at any time:
  • Service may be suspended, interrupted or limited, affecting all or part of the Site, or access to the entire Site or certain parts of the Site may be reserved for a category of Users
  • Access to the Site may be modified or suspended for maintenance reasons, such as for updates, or for any other legitimate reason
Galerie Henri Baltia will endeavour to notify the User in the event of unavailability of the Site, by whatever appropriate means and, notably, by means of announcements on the Site’s home page.
An unavailability of the Site will not in any way render Galerie Henri Baltia liable, and gives a User any right to compensation.

Personal Data Protection and Cookies

With regard to its business, and in compliance with applicable French and European legislation, Galerie Henri Baltia undertakes to ensure the best-possible level of protection, confidentiality and security of the Personal Data of Users, and the best-possible protection of their privacy.
For all information about Personal Data protection and the use of cookies by Galerie Henri Baltia, the User is invited to consult the Galerie Henri Baltia Privacy Policy, which is accessible via a link provided at the bottom of each page on the Site.

Intellectual property rights

Literary and Artistic Property
The User is informed that all illustrations, drawings, photographs, presentations, texts, source code, and, generally, any content featuring on the Site are the exclusive property of Galerie Henri Baltia and/or its affiliated companies, and that all content is protected by intellectual property rights.
Therefore the User is prohibited from doing the following without prior written consent from Galerie Henri Baltia:
  • Reproducing or causing the reproduction of the components of the Site, in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently, in whatever manner, on whatever medium, in any format, and by whatever process, whether currently known or not
  • Representing or causing the representation of the components of the Site, in whole or in part, in entirety or through extraction, by whatever manner or process, and via whatever means of dissemination or communication, whether currently known or not
  • Adapting or causing the adaptation of the components of the Site, whether in entirety or in part, whether temporarily or permanently and, notably, translating the components of the Site in whatever language, creating whatever derivative work, making whatever new versions or new developments from the Site’s components, and maintaining, modifying, arranging, assembling or digitizing the Site’s components, either in entirety or in part
If not, the User is subject to civil and criminal penalties.
This prohibition applies without geographical limitation, for the term of protection granted by intellectual property law, covering whatever means of exploitation, whether free of charge or for payment.
Trademarks and Distinctive Signs
All brands to which reference may be made on this Site are trademarks duly registered with the INPI (French Patent office), and are thus protected. Similarly, the names of the companies, products and services, and any other distinctive features mentioned on this Site, are the property and the result of the efforts and investments of Galerie Henri Baltia, and are thus protected. Therefore, their usurpation is strictly forbidden and their eventual use is subject to the prior written consent from Galerie Henri Baltia. If not, the User is subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Responsibility of Galerie Henri Baltia

Under no circumstances will Galerie Henri Baltia be liable for prejudices or damages suffered by a User with regard to:
  • An outage of the Site beyond its control, or a case of force majeure causing an outage or malfunctioning of the Site
  • An exceptional and temporary unavailability of the Site necessary for performing maintenance or improving functionalities
  • Any incident or outage of the Site due to a malfunction and/or shortcoming of systems or hardware, and/or of the software and infrastructure of a User
  • Whatever financial loss, loss of clientèle, disruption of business, or loss of programs or data resulting from use of the Site
  • Unauthorized intrusion by a third party into the information technology system of the User, resulting in the dissemination of harmful software
  • Connection to or consultation of the Site in countries where such use constitutes a violation of applicable law or regulations
  • Whatever inconveniences or prejudices due to using the Internet network, notably in the event of failure or of difficulty or interruption of operation preventing access to the Site and/or any of its functionalities
The Site has been optimized modern browsers such as MOZILLA FIREFOX (3.6 and above), GOOGLE CHROME, MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER (IE8 and above) or SAFARI.


Some documents that can be consulted or downloaded on the Site are in PDF format, and are only readable if the Adobe Acrobat Reader (a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.) is used.

Changes in the General Terms and Conditions of Use

Galerie Henri Baltia reserves the right to change the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, due to changes to the Site, changes in configurations and, notably, due to technical requirements or plugs-in, or due to changes in legislation or any other legitimate reason.
Therefore, the User is invited to check regularly for any changes. The User can establish the date on which Galerie Henri Baltia made the latest changes by referring to the “Last Update” stated above.

Hypertext Links

Any information accessible via a hypertext link to other sites is not under control of Galerie Henri Baltia and, consequently, Galerie Henri Baltia declines all responsibility for the content thereof.
Publication by a User of hypertext links to all or part of the Site is strictly prohibited, unless with prior written permission from Galerie Henri Baltia, which can be requested by email. Galerie Henri Baltia reserves the right to refuse a request from a User without having to provide reasons for its decision. If Galerie Henri Baltia authorizes the publication of hypertext links, the permission will be temporary and may be withdrawn at any time, without any specific reason, and without the User being eligible to lay claim to an acquired right. In all cases, the link must be removed at first time of requesting by Galerie Henri Baltia.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute that cannot be settled out of court, jurisdiction is assigned exclusively to the Courts of France.