Sonia Delaunay

Sonia DelaunaySonia Delaunay (Gradizhsk, Ukraine, 1885 – Paris, 1979)

Sonia Delaunay is a French artist of Ukrainian origin who moved to Paris in 1905. After her marriage to the painter Robert Delaunay in 1910, Sonia Delaunay abandoned fauvism in favour of abstraction. With her husband, Sonia Delaunay worked on the search for pure colour and simultaneous colour movement, a trend that would inspire Fernand Leger and Jasper Johns. Sonia Delaunay expressed herself through paintings, posters, objects, illustrated books, clothes, fabrics and graphic works. Her graphic work includes etchings, stencils, serigraphs and lithographs, some in collaboration with other artists such as Hans Arp or Alberto Magnelli.

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