Max Ernst

Max ErnstMax Ernst (Bruhl, Germany, 1891 – Paris, 1976)

Max Ernst is a German artist, who became American then French. By questioning propriety and conventions, by refusing to control reason and inherited values, Max Ernst is linked to Dadaism and surrealism. Max Ernst explored many techniques and disciplines, including rubbing by running a lead on a sheet, and “dripping” by letting paint leak on a canvas. Max Ernst developed the dripping technique in the early 1940s while he lived in the United States. Jackson Pollock would use it later. Max Ernst loved experimenting. He also produced scratches, glued papers, decals, in addition to prints. Max Ernst received the Grand Prize for Painting at the Venice Biennale in 1954. Tate Gallery dedicated him a retrospective in 1962. Max Ernst died in Paris in 1976

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